Top Ways To Brew Good Coffee At Home

Top Ways To Brew Good Coffee At Home


Samantha Knowles

I love coffee, I will admit it. I love all kinds: cappuccino, Frappuccino, slow roast, dark roast, and everything in between. You can get a great cup of coffee from many places, and you can also get a terrible cup of coffee from an equal amount of places. Thusly, we have decided that rather than frequent yet another place for a $4.00 latte, it is easier to make your own version. How do we do this and still have a good brew? Simple- by following these steps and ensuring that you begin and end with fresh ingredients.

On the subject of beans, our advice is simple: grind your own. If you buy the coffee pre ground from a canister you should expect exactly the same results as microwaving your coffee- bad and stale. Fresh is better and it is not just for Subway.

Don\’t rush the brewing time- the flavor depends on it. If you have a drip system, it should take about 5 minutes. With a plunger pot, the drip time should be about 2 minutes.


Avoid using sparing amounts of coffee. When water flows through the coffee it extracts all of the fabulous flavors, so using too little coffee will result in a weak cup. I like to use two tablespoons of ground coffee; however if you like it on the weak side, try it with just the one tablespoon or add some extra milk.

Keep your equipment clean. Cleaning containers and grinders every couple of weeks removes oily buildups – try running a strong solution of vinegar through your coffeemaker as this works well to dissolve away any mineral deposits. Just make sure you always rinse thoroughly before you use your equipment again.

Finally, if you\’re a latte or cappuccino fan, why not add a little personal touch by designing a pattern on top – or \”latte art\” as it\’s known. You can pick up coffee stencils from various home-ware stores so you can get as creative with your coffee as you like!

Use these tips and you should quickly be on your way towards superb coffee. Becareful however not to drink too late (even the decaffeinated version) or you will be up all night and trust me , this is no fun for anyone. Common guidelines are to stop drinking coffee after three pm, or in my case after seven pm.

Use these tips my coffee drinkers and enjoy!

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