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Technology Pr: Buy What You Need And Know What You Re Looking For

Technology PR: Buy What You Need and Know What You re Looking For


Kevin Waddel

Like love, finding the right technology PR firm can be an arduous task While unlike your mate, you might not be partnered with your technology PR firm forever, you will hopefully have a long and productive relationship

Before undertaking a technology PR campaign, it would be wise to determine what it is your company is looking to accomplish. Clients have a range of objectives for their technology PR programs, but the most common is supporting lead generation and sales with favorable, on-message coverage of the client s products, technology leadership and successful implementations. In addition, many clients want to present themselves as thought leaders or visionaries in a particular market segment, stimulate coverage that supports capital formation or increase visibility in advance of acquisition, or work closely with top industry analyst firms to secure coverage in the right reports, all important outcomes for a technology PR program.


In reviewing your options for technology PR, clients are advised to seek firms that have a proven track record in an area or a firm that specializes in your company s business. There are many specialists within the technology PR world. Some technology PR firms specialize in entrepreneurial enterprise software and B2B technology companies. Other technology PR firms possess deep experience in business software with work spanning ecommerce, retail, supply chain, ERP, business intelligence, content and image management, collaboration, CRM, human resources and many other specialties.

In reviewing

Technology PR

firms it is advisable to determine if the agency makes use of an interdisciplinary approach by working closely with its other practice areas such as software development and open source, business and financial services, and data center and IT operations to assemble teams of individuals who bring the industry expertise that each client needs, combined with strong journalist, social media and analyst relationships.

Look for a technology PR firm that can truly understand your technology and market. You ll need a partner that can working closely with you to create the stories that will resonate with journalists. Most technology PR firm programs begin with an in-depth planning session that yields an action-oriented PR plan and recommended messages.

Finally, keep in mind what your budget for technology PR is We d all like to drive Ferraris; however, most budgets can accommodate a 97 Camry With that said, there is a technology PR firm for virtually every budget. Shop wisely.

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