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Natural Medicines And Remedies For Acne

Acne is not caused by dirt, so no amount of cleansing will deal with the problem.

Isotretinon (Accutane) can be used to treat severe cystic acne which Does not get better with other treatments. A plus point is that it helps against scars forming, but a serious side-effect is that it can cause women to miscarriage or damage unborn babies.

Natural remedies can be as effective if not more than medications and i have learned that there is just a matter right nutritional balance of your body and proper skin care to get rid of you acne.Lime juice, tomato slices, home made packs can be used for treating acne.

Beat together 1 egg white, 1 tsp spirits of camphor, 1 heaping Tbsp skim milk powder and a scant drop of essential oil of mint. First apply a thin film of odorless castor oil to the skin , then apply a thick layer of the egg white mask. Lie back for about 15 minutes. Wash off with warm water, then rinse with an apple cider vinegar and water solution or witch hazel.Milk of Magnesia makes a low cost, wonderful facial mask for oily skin. If you find that it dries your skin too much, dilute it with water before applying. A bottle of Milk of Magnesia No preparation is needed. Just pour from the bottle and it’s ready to go. Apply directly from the bottle with your finger tip or a cotton ball. Let it dry for about five to ten minutes. Rinse off with warm water, then gently pat your face dry with a fluffy towel. Skin feels dry and oil free.

If youre looking for accurate acne information, best to see a dermatologist. Some people believe doctors are predisposed to take the easy way to deal with acne prescription drugs. But, with many, this simplistic answer may not be the appropriate course of action. Some feel that such prescription drugs just treat the symposium and not the underlying cause. But, a local dermatologist is still your best starting point.For me personally, I discovered a great informational acne treatment site. Not only is there good information/articles but I got their audio e-book and following its advice can now say that my acne is a thing of the past! Keep in mind, were all different and there are various types of acne, so what works for some may not be totally effective for all.Bottom line, hang in there, you will get past this! Sincere best wishes and good luck.

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