A Family Dentist In Appleton Wi Will Keep Your Family’s Smiles Looking Great

January, 2014 byAlma Abell

When you move to a new town you want to find a Family Dentist in Appleton WI that can meet all of the needs of your family. You need a practice like Barnes & Associates Dentistry SC because they have a family dentist, general dentist, cosmetic dentist and even an emergency dentist. They cannot only provide your annual check-ups and cleanings, but veneers, crowns and professional teeth whitening services.


Your first visit will include a complete oral exam with a visual inspection, periodontal probing, charting, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. It will include panoramic X-rays of the anterior and posterior teeth and the bite-wing-x-ray so that they can find any proximal decay to see if you need any cavities that need fillings.

A Family Dentist in Appleton WI can explain that simple toothaches are often caused by pieces of debris getting lodged between some of your teeth. The pain can be relieved by removing that debris. They will explain why you shouldn’t dissolve aspirin between your teeth because the aspirin can cause harm to your gum tissue. It is reasons like this that you will want to ask what services are available at that office.

Services to ask about:

1. Whitening sealants2. Root canal therapy3. Veneers4. Crowns and Bridges5. Specialty Dentures6. Cosmetic contouring7. Extractions8. Scaling and root planing9. Invisalign10. Cosmetic dentistry11. Bonding12. Emergency dental services

While you may not be able to find all of these services in all of the local dental offices, you can usually find an office that will know where to refer you to if you need services their office doesn’t provide. Barnes & Associates Dentistry isn’t the only practice that has all of the listed services in one practice but it is one that you should consider taking the time to check out. When you have found the dental office you want to use, you should immediately call for an appointment. This way you can get that first examination and know if you need any extra dental procedures scheduled. This is the very best way to get acquainted with your new dentist and get your family on track to excellent dental health so they will always have smiles that they can be proud of.

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