What Is Lasik Revision Surgery?}

What is LASIK Revision Surgery?


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What is LASIK Revision Surgery?

In Los Angeles LASIK surgery is a very common procedure for vision correction. LASIK is a tried and tested procedure that has resulted in thousands of happy customers, glad to give up the use of contacts and glasses. The majority of people who receive LASIK report that they are satisfied with the results and report little to no complications.

However, as with most surgeries, there are always certain risks involved. Nothing in life is 100% risk free and this equally applies to laser eye surgery Los Angeles and beyond. LASIK is safe but complications do occur in a small minority of cases.

Some LASIK risks which have been reported are:



Poor night vision (see halos or starbursts around lights at night time)

Forward bulging of the centre of the cornea (Ectasia)


Dry eyes

Problems directly related to the epithelium flap

In some cases, patients who have turned to cheap or discount LASIK surgeries are more susceptible to complications. This is because either the doctor is not very experienced, or the technology used is out of date, and not as accurate.

Los Angeles LASIK specialist, Dr. Robert Maloney, of the Maloney Vision Institute in Bevelry Hills specializes in managing complications from vision correction surgery. He has had many patients come to him who had complications from a vision correction procedure done elsewhere, and had suffered from these complications for months or even years. LASIK revision surgery is an option for those who have had complications, or have had their vision change overtime, and need an adjustment.

Some techniques used to treat vision correction surgery complications include Custom-CAP and therapeutic Wavefront Guided LASIK.

Custom Contoured Ablation Pattern (Custom-CAP)

Custom-CAP is a laser procedure that uses a special computer program to design an ablation (tissue removal) pattern to correct irregularities in the surface of the cornea that were caused by earlier surgeries, such as improperly performed LASIK. This can correct the visual symptoms that were caused by the surface irregularities.

Therapeutic Wavefront Guided LASIK

This new technique may correct imperfections in eyes caused by prior vision correction surgery. Wavefront analysis of the eye yields the precise focusing errors that are then corrected by custom laser guidance.

For more information and to see if you may be a candidate for LASIK revision surgery, please visit or call 877-999-EYES.

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